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Kelvin TOP-SET Tutor Development Course

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Organizations need one standardized approach to investigating incidents and solving problems in order to consistently and accurately analyze and trend company-wide issues. To have full control of how and when incident investigation, problem solving and root cause analysis training takes place, fits in with organizational planning. It is also the most cost-effective means to develop the number of individuals required.

For those organizations determined to prevent incidents from recurring, the Kelvin TOP-SET Incident Investigation System is an easy-to-use 6-step process which can be used for all types of incident in any industry. The Tutor Development Program develops 3-Day Senior Investigators as in-company Kelvin TOP-SET Tutors. It enables them to competently and confidently roll out Kelvin TOP-SET 1-Day Training Courses to improve operational performance and increase profitability.

Practical and cost-effective training

On successful completion TOP-SET Tutors should:

• Be comfortable teaching others to use and apply the full Kelvin TOP-SET Incident

Investigation System using Kelvin TOP-SET high quality resources and materials

• Feel confident in their presentation skills

• Understand and be developing specific teaching skills and techniques

• Demonstrate an ability to enhance learning through the use of relevant anecdotes and


• Achieve a solid understanding of course management skills

• Be able to field any queries or problems from the participants

The most important outcome is that in-company TOP-SET Tutors will be able to educate others how to effectively use the Kelvin TOP-SET Incident Investigation System to learn from and prevent organizational incidents.

There is an annual renewable licence for each in-company TOP-SET Tutor and course/delegate support materials are to be purchased directly from Kelvin TOP-SET to ensure quality control.

Financial Viability

Should more than 12 people need to be developed on open Kelvin TOP-SET 1-Day Investigator Courses, the Tutor Development route is the most cost-effective way to proceed.

Open (public) and In-house development are available.

On successful completion each Tutor receives a Kelvin TOP-SET Tutor Certificate & CPD points (7 hours).

For more information about this course please contact Kerry Wilson [email protected]