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Our renowned accident investigation course is taught in a breakthrough online learning environment by a seasoned Kelvin TOP-SET professional.

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Online Investigation Course Details

The Kelvin TOP-SET 1-Day Introductory Investigator Course is designed for managers, supervisors, and safety representatives who are involved in incident investigations but not necessarily leading the team. The course teaches you about the Kelvin TOP-SET methodology and how to use it to investigate incidents using our easy-to-follow, step-by-step process.

Participants learn through studying short case studies and participating in group discussions with our experienced tutors. By the end of the course, you’ll have a better understanding of how to be an effective part of an incident investigation team. 

Instruction Method

This course can be delivered in person or virtually.

It is run on an open basis in the UK and internationally and can also be run as an in-company course on request.

Introductory Investigator Online Course Outcomes

Gain an understanding of the Kelvin TOP-SET methodology and the confidence to contribute to an investigation.
Provides practical and interactive opportunities to practise your skills throughout the day at the key points of the TOP-SET process; writing the incident statement, planning, investigating, Root Cause Analysis and making SMART recommendations.
Highlight the importance of effective teamwork and co-operation in the investigation process.
This online course equates to 7 hours of CPD

Activity Dashboard

Easily navigate the online investigator course with chronological links and online resources.

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Cloud Classroom vs In Person

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In Cloud Classroom

Up to 6 people

Teaching over video call

Virtual whiteboard
for investigations

Complete group activities
in virtual break-out rooms


Course duration depends on course

Computer required

Internet download speed of
at least 15 Mbps required

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No travel required

Available publicly, and in company

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In Person

Up to 16 people

Teaching is face to face

Physical whiteboards
for investigations

Complete group activities
in small teams


Course duration depends on course

No computer required

No internet required

Travel may be required

Available publicly, and in company

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