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Kelvin TOP-SET teaches incident investigation, root cause analysis and problem solving to make effective recommendations, prevent recurrence and improve performance.

Kelvin TOP-SET is a comprehensive and effective investigation method that is straightforward to use. Since 1986, it has been helping companies in most industrial and business sectors achieve consistent results in over 50 countries.

Clients increasingly use TOP-SET as a problem-solving tool to improve safety, quality, business and environmental performance.

Some TOP-SET Clients:

Port of London
Euro Tunnel
EDF Energy
Transport for London
TATA Steel
  • I have learned and gained a wealth of information and tools to take back to my everyday working life; would recommend to anyone that does investigations.
Enhance Investigation Skills Event Houston

Enhance Investigation Skills Event Houston

Outline: • Welcome• The principles of investigating any incident• An introduction to TOP-SET• How to enhance investigations• Improve consistency of reportsDetails: • November 14th • Session options: o 1. Breakfast Briefing 8-9am (breakfast 7:30am) o 2. Lunch &...

TOP-SET in Dubai

TOP-SET in Dubai

Thank you to all participants and all companies supporting TOP-SET's increasing presence in the Middle East. The enthusiasm, willingness to share and learn and hospitality never fails to impress us. Here are some images from recent courses (3-Day Senior Investigator...

Why Five?

Why Five?

We are sometimes asked how the Kelvin TOP-SET Root Cause Analysis (RCA) system compares with other RCA systems. Here we will look at the ‘5-Whys’. To make the comparison we first ask, “What does the phrase ‘5-Whys’ imply?” It implies that you have to take five ‘Why’...

TOP-SET Experiences

TOP-SET Experiences

Derek Hibbard – Global Head of HSSEQ Compliance and Performance Improvement at Seadrill - speaks about his experience of the 3-Days Senior Investigator Course, the TOP-SET System and the value TOP-SET brings to his organisation.If you would also like to improve the...

Interviewing for Investigators

Interviewing for Investigators

Kelvin TOP-SET's Managing Director David Ramsay speaks with Lead Tutor and Investigator Noel Kilpatrick about interviewing for investigators.Contact us below to find out more about interviewing in investigations and to discuss your specific requirements. We look...

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