Train the Trainer Course

Become a Kelvin TOP-SET Trainer. 

Bring the Kelvin TOP-SET Investigator Course to your company and develop in-house expertise. The TOP-SET Train-the-Trainer Course is the most cost-effective way to adopt a consistent approach to investigating incidents.

Once you become a TOP-SET Senior (lead) Investigator, you can develop your knowledge and skills further to standardise incident investigation and problem solving throughout your organisation (including partners and joint ventures).

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Kelvin TOP-SET Train-the-Trainer

Course Details

The Train-the-Trainer Course takes place over two partial days, starting in the late afternoon on day one with a short introduction and a task to complete before day two, which ends around 2:30 PM.  

You’ll learn how to teach the 1-Day Investigator Course, get all the information and materials needed for the course, and be assessed with a multiple-choice test and a 15-minute presentation.

On completion, you’ll receive a Kelvin TOP-SET licence certificate and access to the online Tutor Zone, which has all the materials you need to run the course within your company. You’ll also get free access to two elearning courses for personal development. 

About (instruction method)

The Train the Trainer Course is regularly run after the 3-Day Senior Investigator Course and is taught in smaller groups to ensure an optimal learning experience for all. The course is run internationally and can be run in-company on request.

Train the Trainer Materials for Participants

To run the course, you’ll order the materials you need for each participant using the order form in the Tutor Zone, and they’ll be sent to you whenever you need them. You can choose between physical course packs, e-learning courses, or a combination of both to suit your needs. Your participants will receive access to the TOP-SET App, their official TOP-SET 1-Day Investigator certificate, and their CPD certificate (7hrs).

Train the Trainer Requirements

To become a TOP-SET Trainer in your company, you need to have attended the 3-Day Senior Investigator Course within the past 12 months.

There is a licence agreement with Kelvin TOP-SET, which permits you to teach the course to anyone in your company, and access all course materials needed.

In-Company Trainers receive comprehensive support from the TOP-SET Team. Furthermore, if you change companies, you can still teach TOP-SET (as long as the licence fee is paid).

Kelvin TOP-SET reserves the right to attend any course for quality control purposes.

The Train-the-Trainer Course is taught in person

Up to 6 people

Teaching is face to face

Physical whiteboards
for investigations


Travel may be required

Course duration is 8 hours
over 2 days

No computer required

Complete group activities
in small teams

No internet required

Available publicly, and in company

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