Free to all #OpenToWork – The Kelvin TOP-SET e-Root Cause Analysis Course

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We all know that this has been one of the most challenging years many have ever faced. At Kelvin TOP-SET, most of our courses are held in a face-to-face classroom setting, in countries all around the world, but COVID-19 challenged us to bring forward our online offerings so that we could continue to provide what our clients need. However, we see that people (and companies) in our network still face great challenges, with many individuals actively seeking work.

We want to help.

OpenToWork is a LinkedIn initiative that allows users to add an icon around their profile picture to show they are ‘open to work’. We see countless people using this on LinkedIn, and this must only be the ‘tip of the iceberg’. With this in mind, and to help keep things rolling along when things seem stagnant, we are making our best-selling Kelvin TOP-SET e-RCA Root Cause Analysis eLearning Course available for nothing to those who are ‘open to work’ and feel it could be of use.


Why the e-RCA Root Cause Analysis eLearning Course?

  • It teaches this fundamental skill.
  • It develops practical problem-solving capabilities.
  • It’s CPD accredited so participants can continue developing even outside of work.
  • It’s Kelvin TOP-SET accredited (internationally recognised).
  • It will enhance your C.V.
  • It may open up opportunities for work.
  • It’s applicable to all roles in every industry.

So, if you are #opentowork, and looking to develop your skills and C.V., then please visit: and register using Licence Code: opentowork

You will have 90 days to finish the course online, which takes only three to four hours in total.

Once successfully completed, you will get two certificates, demonstrating to prospective employers that you:
a) have continued to develop professionally even when not working, and
b) are better placed to tackle any type of problem that arises in your next role.

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“The course has far exceeded my expectations, both in the way it has been set out and in the way it is packed with informative, useful information. The content of this course exceeded any other e-training course that I have completed and I would definitely recommend this course to others. e-RCA is an excellent course which I thoroughly enjoyed. The course has been made exceptionally interesting for the learner and it became very addictive working through the scenarios.”

Kevin Madeley,

“I have never done an e-learning course before so I was unsure what it would be like and how beneficial I would find the course. As e-learning gave you the flexibility to dip in/out as you needed over the 30 days this worked wonders for me as it allowed me to do the course when I was focused or leave and come back to it when I felt I wasn’t concentrating. The course was easy to access and a clear description was given of what was being covered. The interactive slides, videos and tests ensured you were constantly thinking and engaged throughout the course. I liked the fact I was able to go back over any parts of the course at any time if I felt I needed to revisit and also retry the tests. This course has been a great benefit to me as I am in the process of doing my diploma and it gave me a much better and clearer perception of root cause analysis. This will definitely help me in my role as health and safety manager.”

Julie Cheyne,
Health and Safety Manager, East Coast Viners