There has never been a simpler, more effective tool for investigating 95% of all incidents.

BlackboxUse the intuitive Blackbox software to easily investigate low potential incidents such as slips trips and falls and quickly produce consistent standardised reports.

Investigators’ BlackBox is a user friendly software tool designed to speed up and standardise investigations into low potential / low risk incidents and near misses.

Watch the video for an introduction to Blackbox and its features.

Blackbox Overview Video
Blackbox uses the TOP-SET Investigation Process

Blackbox leads users through a simplified version of the TOP-SET methodology to plan, structure and manage the entire incident investigation process and to ensure that nothing gets missed. The software helps users to gather basic investigation information, create investigation diagrams, select Generic Causes and generate SMART actions before automatically compiling the incident report - all in under an hour!

By utilising the TOP-SET indicators - Technology, Organisation, People, Similar Events, Environment and Time - Blackbox uses a structured process to ensure ‘nothing is missed’ and that information gathered is relevant and of sufficient quality to allow effective incident analysis.

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Simple Incident Investigation, Analysis and Reporting

Designed by Investigators for Investigators – BlackBox is based on over 30 years of TOP-SET incident investigation experience; the process is structured, the instructions are clear and the result is consistent.

Useful Help Function – A step by step user friendly guide provides clear instructions and useful hints and tips. Clear and easy to understand step by step guidance written by experienced investigators helps you to get the most out of the software.

Ease of Use – BlackBox can be used by people with little or no experience of incident investigation as well as very experienced investigators.

Efficient and Effective – Investigating using BlackBox allows users to spend time on the important part of the investigation – thinking about what went wrong and how to stop recurrence of incidents. This contributes to a safer working environment.

Useful diagram builder functionality - Users complete the investigation diagram using free text; evidence files can be added by ‘drag and drop’ and BlackBox automatically includes the investigation diagram and a Generic Cause diagram in the report.

Standardised Reporting - Let Blackbox take care of the paperwork for you. Reports will be created in a clear standardised format every time.


The cost for one user licence of Blackbox is £638.  To purchase the software or for information on discounts available for multiple purchases and corporate licences please contact us.

Support and maintenance for your software can be purchased on an annual basis and entitles users to the latest version updates and 24 hour support for technical issues.