Improving Aviation and Aerospace Industries


The aviation and aerospace industries are integral to the UK economy and technological landscape. Both have made noteworthy historical contributions to aviation and operate in fiercely competitive realms, requiring heavy investment in innovation, research and development to continue pushing boundaries.

The TOP-SET Incident Investigation method is already used in aerospace and aviation, and other similarly innovative sectors, including:

• Semiconductor
• Pharmaceutical
• Chemical
• Energy
• Agrochemical
• Information and Communication Technology

Such global industries need global providers to enable consistent incident investigation and problem-solving solutions. Kelvin TOP-SET operates in over 40 countries and offers a range of training courses to suit different location requirements, through eLearning, tutor-led online courses, or in-person courses.

Working predominantly in growing industries, the TOP-SET incident investigation and problem-solving system scales with organisations as they grow. This ensures that the relevant people are trained to the appropriate level as required.

Learning from all types of incidents to prevent future negative recurrences can improve safety culture, operational effectiveness and overall business performance. Another TOP-SET application is to use it to investigate positive occurrences e.g. an under-budget project, to establish what went well. The learnings from this can be deployed to optimise future projects.

We know continual learning is important to these industries and TOP-SET’s easy-to-learn, logical and highly practical method, useful for any type and level of incident, can become part of this.

As TOP-SET can be used for a variety of functions such as quality control, Operations, HR, Legal and HSEQ, standardised and company-wide problem-solving capabilities can also strengthen an organisation’s competitive advantage while helping them meet sustainability, regulatory and performance goals.

Training is offered at all levels – from onboarding of staff using cost-effective and easily disseminated eLearning, through to lead-investigator level and Train-the-Trainer courses. This affords companies the flexibility to develop in-house capacity as required, providing optimal organisational consistency, control and return on investment.

Having fewer incidents or by repeating successful projects through more effective learning helps the Aviation and Aerospace industries ‘raise the bar’ in business performance. Using an established and effective investigation system like TOP-SET supports progress towards this.

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