Kelvin TOP-SET Incident Investigation App

TOP-SET Incident Investigation App

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We are pleased to launch the new TOP-SET Incident Investigation App. In keeping with the work we have been doing on the digital learning side of our business, and to meet our customers’ needs, Kelvin TOP-SET has developed an app that replicates the ever-useful Action Card; a central tool in the Incident Investigation Process.

It is easy to navigate, and guides you through the complete investigation process, step-by-step, with helpful advice throughout. Having the app means that you would never be without when you need it most. Always at hand, it can help you remember where to start with an investigation, what you need to look at, and how to proceed through each stage.

The TOP-SET App is available to all our clients now. Just go the App Store or Google Play and type in TOP-SET to download it to your iOS or android device. Follow this link for details.