The Human Element

The Human Element in the Kelvin TOP-SET 3-Day Senior Investigator Course

The concept of ‘human factors’ in incidents and their investigation is covered in the Kelvin TOP-SET 3-Day Senior Investigator Course, and is dealt with from two totally different perspectives:

1) The Behaviour of the Investigators

We demonstrate during the course how easy it is to make errors and miss important pieces of the jigsaw of investigation, just because we are human. What’s more, we reveal a strong bias in the behaviour of the participants, which can influence their investigation skills in a detrimental way. An understanding of this fascinating issue makes our participants much more self-aware, and much better team leaders as a consequence. Such an awareness can also positively affect interviewing.

2) The Human Component in any Incident

We assert throughout the course, that human behaviour is at the very core of all incidents. Consequently, we do not allow technical failures as the root cause of any incident. However, we make a careful distinction between fault, blame and ‘responsibility’, as this affects every level of worker, in any industry, from the very lowliest to the top executives. This aspect is dealt with at various times during our courses, particularly with respect to Root Cause Analysis and the determination of what human behaviours resulted in the incident happening. This might be a faulty design of an artefact, a failure to supervise or communicate effectively, or simply an unintentional mistake due to tiredness or lack of attention. All aspects are considered and discussed with the participants to ensure a deep understanding of the causes of incidents and their prevention.

We also explore why people do what they do and we endeavour to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’.

In the end, we help participants to frame recommendations with the human element very much to the fore.