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Over the past 12 months we have seen a growing demand from clients to ensure that we respect their information, including personal data of their employees (our delegates). GDPR regulations were introduced in May 2018 and are still in place despite the withdrawal of the UK from the EU. We must also ensure that our computer systems are secure from external threats, especially at these more challenging times. To help meet these threats and protect all the sensitive information we hold and process, the company is introducing new computer policies. These policies will help us demonstrate our security and we aim to achieve Cyber Essentials accreditation in the near future. This certification will, we hope, help secure future business with major clients. We require all staff and Associates to read and follow the policies and procedures and to bring to the attention of Scott and Brian any areas of concern or difficulty.


01 Virus Protection and Prevention Policy
02 Internet Usage Policy
03 Mobile Computing Policy
04 Email and Instant Messaging Policy
05 Information Protection Policy
06 Password Protection Policy
07 Perimeter Security Policy
08 Remote Access Policy
09 Wireless Communications Policy
10 Server Security Policy
11 Computer and Information Security policy
12 Personal Communications Policy
13 Social Media Policy

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