Investigation Services


With over 30 years of incident investigation and problem solving experience, Kelvin TOP-SET is well placed to help you, your team and your organisation with all aspects of incident investigation. Should you require help with planning, facilitating, managing or leading incident investigations; Kelvin TOP-SET can offer an impartial and professional service. Whether you need help composing realistic Terms of Reference, assistance kick-starting or running the whole investigation process or you just need a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ to examine investigation details, we are ready to assist you.

Kelvin TOP-SET investigators have experience working in diverse industries and with all types and severity of incident. One high profile example of this is the work carried out recently to assist the rig operating company with the investigation into the Deepwater Horizon ‘Macondo Well’ oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


If you require immediate assistance, you can rely on TOP-SET to mobilise an investigator or investigation team as required within a matter of hours.

Professional Approach

A focussed professional approach to investigation means that you can expect robust analysis, results and value for money from our team.

Kelvin TOP-SET investigators utilise the same TOP-SET tools and system taught on the courses to expedite the investigation with the utmost efficiency.

Having investigated some extremely high profile and serious incidents in the past, you can rest assured that Kelvin TOP-SET is comfortable working at all levels of an organisation including presenting investigation findings at Board Level and that we will represent your company’s best interests at all times even if some of the recommendations from the investigation could be viewed as difficult to hear.

All Kelvin TOP-SET Investigation Reports are delivered in a no-nonsense, jargon-free format and are reviewed by Kelvin TOP-SET’s most senior investigators prior to submission.

Contact us if you require incident investigation assistance or would like to learn more about how Kelvin TOP-SET can assist you.