Incident Report Review Service

Improve the Quality, Consistency and Effectiveness of your Investigation Reports.

Conducting high-quality investigations is a professional skill that Kelvin TOP-SET has taught and carried out for over 30 years. Investigations are necessary for two reasons, put simply:

1. To find out what went wrong.
2. To put things right.

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The link between these is the investigation report; a communication tool for transferring clear and concise information about an incident to the rest of the world, and the basis of any proposed remedial actions and learnings.

However, many find this critical phase of the investigation process difficult to do well. As a result, reports lack clarity and do not convey the findings of an investigation thoroughly or effectively. The creation of reports is, therefore, a crucial skill that we can support using our new confidential Report Review Service.

Investigation reports can be sent to us for review by one of our experienced lead tutors / investigators. You will receive comprehensive feedback on the content, structure and layout of the report, including any Root Cause Analysis provided. This feedback will outline strengths and weaknesses in your report, and offer suggestions for improvement. It will be based on the set standards and criteria, developed over many years, that we use for our own investigation reports.


This service is guaranteed to have a quick turn-around; companies will receive report reviews within a few days of sending them to us.

Contact [email protected] / +44 (0) 1475 560 007 to get started