Incident Report Review Service

Many companies find the quality of their reports variable, and wish to initiate and encourage improvement in this hugely important link between the investigators and the ‘owner’ of the report.

We at Kelvin TOP-SET have much experience in report-writing and reviewing over many years and offer help in a variety of ways: tricks, tips and suggestions on how to write good-quality reports are given on the Website, in the ‘Practical Handbook for Investigation’, and in the Kelvin TOP-SET 3-day Senior Investigator Course.

However, we have long offered an informal report-review service, which we are now formalising as an addition to the range of services we provide.  Companies may send one or more reports for a thorough and confidential review.  The charge for this will depend on the number of reports provided and the nature of the reports.

At present, only reports written in English can be accepted, but do contact the office if your reports are written in another language, so that we can discuss options.  At Kelvin TOP-SET we believe there is always a solution to every problem.

The report review will include commentary on all aspects of the report:  layout, structure, quality of English, clarity, accuracy, brevity, use of acronyms, technical terms, photographs and diagrams, recommendations and appendices; the analysis, e.g. Root Cause or Tripod Beta analysis, or any other analysis system.  If a Root Cause Analysis is not provided, we can construct one for you.

This service is carried out with total confidentiality guaranteed.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.