Incident Investigation Courses Overview

Traditional (face to face) Incident Investigation Courses

1-Day Investigator Course

Learn the TOP-SET Incident Investigation Process to become an active member of the investigation team.

3-Day Senior Investigator Course

Learn to fully utilise the TOP-SET system to guide your team to investigate methodically with confidence and unearth all the causes of an incident, including root causes.

Tutor Development (train the trainer)

This course develops in-company tutors to roll out Kelvin TOP-SET 1-Day Investigator courses in a flexible and cost-effective manner.

5-Day Corporate Adoption Programme

The ultimate introduction to the Kelvin TOP-SET methodology; designed to educate a core team of individuals to fully utilise the TOP-SET process and tools efficiently and effectively and to monitor investigation output.

● Incident Investigation Familiarisation for Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Overview of TOP-SET process and how it relates to your organisation. Oversight of reporting, root cause analysis, human factors and development and implementation of recommendations are all covered.

Refresher Course

For Senior Investigators to maintain validity of 3-Day qualification.

● Report Writing & Reviewing

This one-day course explores the skills required to write and review reports. It includes many practical exercises, including an opportunity to undertake a confidential review of one or more reports.

Tutor-led Virtual Cloud Classroom Courses
  • Tutor-led, online, interactive Professional Incident Investigation Courses using world-leading technology to remotely develop practical incident investigation skills.

  • Delegates work in online / remote Tutor-led Teams with active participation using intensive case studies and other collaborative exercises.

Introductory Investigator (1-Day)

Learn to use the TOP-SET Incident Investigation System to enhance your investigation skills and become an active member of your incident investigation team from anywhere in the world*

Cloud Classroom Incident Investigation Course (2-Days)

This comprehensive course will enable participants to conduct an investigation using effective problem solving. It goes well beyond a webinar lecture and permits considerable tutor-class interaction, as well as practice working as teams in virtual classrooms using digital Storyboard and Root Cause Analysis charts.

It also includes a three-hour CPD accredited e-learning program to consolidate learning after completion of the course.

Refresher for Senior Investigators (1-Day)

For Senior Investigators to maintain validity of 3-Day qualification.

All Kelvin TOP-SET Traditional & Cloud Classroom Incident Investigation Courses are available as in-company or as public (open) courses.


e-Investigation Fundamentals

This short e-learning course introduces the concept of incident investigation and problem solving in the context of organisational learning and performance improvement within your company. 

Individuals learn the fundamentals of the straightforward, logical and practical TOP-SET method by completing interactive exercises, quizzes and tests. With this foundational understanding of a structured approach to problem solving, users are better placed to learn from and prevent repeat issues by generating their own solutions, thus saving valuable time and resource. 

The course covers all the main principles of the TOP-SET system, providing insight into the techniques TOP-SET-trained Investigators use to investigate significant organisational problems, while demonstrating how the TOP-SET process is applicable in all roles and in ‘every-day life’. 

e-RCA Root Cause Analysis Course

Learn how to successfully conduct a Root Cause Analysis and practice and perfect RCA thinking by completing the Kelvin TOP-SET e-RCA e-learning course.  The course can be completed online in approximately 4 hours and requires no prior knowledge of RCA.  It is suitable for anyone who may be involved in incident investigation and for those who simply wish to gain a better grasp of the fundamentals of good RCA

Kelvin TOP-SET Investigation App

Included for all TOP-SET Investigators

Valuable investigation tool outlining the TOP-SET process

Helpful reminders to improve investigations

Promotes consistency of approach

Works on all operating systems


Course Overview Video

Listen to what others have to say about our courses to see if Kelvin TOP-SET courses are right for you and your organisation.

CPD Accreditation

Following a formal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) assessment, Kelvin TOP-SET is pleased to announce that all Kelvin TOP-SET Incident Investigation and e-learning courses have passed the CPD Standards Office assessment process, and that Kelvin TOP-SET has received formal CPD accreditation. CPD accreditation means that Kelvin TOP-SET is now an official Registered Provider with the CPD Standards office meaning that in the future, any delegate who attends any Kelvin TOP-SET Incident Investigation courses may be issued with a CPD Certificate of Attendance.