Kelvin TOP-SET e-Investigation

The Fundamentals of the TOP-SET Incident Investigation and Problem-Solving System


Individuals learn the fundamentals of the straightforward, logical and practical TOP-SET method by completing interactive exercises, quizzes and tests. With this foundational understanding of a structured approach to problem solving, users are better placed to learn from and prevent repeat issues by generating their own solutions, thus saving valuable time and resource.

The course covers all the main principles of the TOP-SET system, providing insight into the techniques TOP-SET-trained Investigators use to investigate significant organisational problems, while demonstrating how the TOP-SET process is applicable in all roles and in ‘every-day life’.

TOP-SET Process

Individual & Organisational Learning

The e-Investigation Fundamentals e-learning course supports organisational learning and performance improvement from the ‘ground up’. Organisations comprising individuals with a foundational understanding of the TOP-SET investigation and problem-solving method (and the techniques contained within) are better placed to improve overall competitiveness.

Kelvin TOP-SET (and its worldwide client base) believes that problem solving is a learnable skill that improves performance. While this course does not profess to create fully-qualified professional incident investigators – something that comes with training, years of experience and practice – it can help foster an environment conducive to individual and organisational learning, i.e. training employees in problem-solving skills and providing them with opportunities to use them. It could also provide managers the opportunity to encourage members to share information and support each other, rather than compete.

Who is this program for?

E-Investigation Fundamentals is for those seeking an introduction to incident investigation and problem solving to prevent repeat issues, or who may be asked to participate in an investigation and have no prior knowledge of TOP-SET. Any individual looking to improve their own performance (or that of their team) stand to benefit from this foundational understanding that a problem-solving process does not have to be overly complicated to be effective.

It is accessible to all levels within a company. As it provides a ‘fundamental’ understanding of the TOP-SET Incident Investigation Process, it’s useful both for those starting off in an appropriate role, or directors aiming to understand how an investigation works or to assess a specific investigation in progress.

Users will learn about: 

a. writing the Incident Statement;

b. writing the Terms of Reference;

c. using the TOP-SET Indicators to plan;

d. using the Storyboard with Post-its to record all aspects of the investigation;

e. how to run a good interview;

f. how to construct a Root Cause Analysis;

g. how to write a report;

h. what to consider when making recommendations in the form of SMART Actions;

i. how to take action and ensure the actions are sustained.


On successful completion of this course, delegates receive a self-generated Kelvin TOP-SET e-Investigation Fundamentals certificate and a separate CPD certificate. This course is formally accredited by the CPD Standards Office and equates to three hours of continual professional development.

Existing TOP-SET Users

For organisations already using TOP-SET to investigate incidents and improve performance, this course is:

    • an introduction for new individuals to a performance-enhancing approach, e.g. during induction / the ‘onboarding’ process;
    • a new awareness-raising tool to communicate the language and process used by the organisation to investigate incidents, solve problems, prevent repeat issues and improve operational performance;
    • a platform to build upon for those in Operational, QHSSE and other roles who potentially may be required to progress through the TOP-SET curriculum, i.e. 1-Day Investigator Course, 3-  Day Senior Investigator Course, Train the Trainer;
    • an opportunity to broaden the scope and number of individuals who may be involved in investigations, i.e. grows organisational resource and capability in a cost-effective manner;
    • an online training module for those unable to receive face-to-face training due to travel restrictions, shift changes etc.;
    • an excellent refresher for those already trained in TOP-SET.
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The above pricing is for a twelve-month contract. Delegates have ninety-days to access and complete the course once invited to start the course. In this instance, e-Investigation Fundamentals is hosted on Kelvin TOP-SET’s Learning Management System (LMS).

A SCORM compliant version is also available for companies to host on their internal LMS. Contact Kelvin TOP-SET for further information using the form below.

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