Cloud Classroom Incident Investigation Course (2-Days)


Learn to use the TOP-SET Investigation System to conduct your own incident investigations.

This is an online course that Kelvin TOP-SET Senior Tutors have developed to teach the fundamentals of investigation at the highest level possible in a virtual environment. It goes well beyond a webinar lecture and permits considerable tutor-class interaction, as well as practice working as teams in virtual classrooms using digital Storyboard and Root Cause Analysis charts.

This comprehensive course will enable participants to conduct an investigation using effective problem solving.

It also includes a three-hour CPD accredited e-learning program to consolidate learning after completion of the course.

The Kelvin TOP-SET Cloud Classroom Incident Investigation Course:

  • teaches the fundamentals of the TOP-SET system for investigation team members
  • equips participants with the skills to run investigations, including the formation of an investigation team
  • provides opportunities to practise and hone skills in planning, investigating, analysing and formulating recommendations
  • instructs participants in the fundamental skills of interviewing for investigation
  • raises awareness of the importance of human factors during an investigation


Course Details

This course teaches participants the ideas underpinning the TOP-SET methodology, and the specific steps of the process of investigating an incident using TOP-SET. The course covers every aspect of investigating an incident including forming a team, formulating the Incident Statement, planning the investigation, gathering data, good practice in Interviewing, Storyboarding with timelines, Root Cause Analysis and formulating SMART actions, as well as the importance of human factors in the investigation process.

Online Collaborative Working

TOP-SET Incident Investigation

Collaborative working combined with practical exercises embeds learning and prepares delegates for real-life investigation situations. Furthermore, by utilising the online collaboration tools in the Cloud Classroom, delegates will be better able to participate in real investigations remotely.

Who is this Incident Investigation Course for?

This course is designed for anyone required to carry out and conduct investigations and solve challenging problems in their organisation.

Instruction Method

This course will be delivered in Kelvin TOP-SET's groundbreaking Cloud Classroom which uses a variety of online tools to optimise learning.

This virtual course is run on an Open (public) basis remotely, also available as an in-house course on request.

Course duration – 16 hours

Kelvin TOP-SET 2-Day Incident Investigation Course (CC) Certificate is supplied on successful course completion


There are no pre-requisites to attend this course. However, there are a few technical requirements and preparatory tasks.

Technical Requirements

  1. Each participant is required to have their own computer.
  2. Each participant is to carry out a broadband Speed check - Visit - click ‘Go’ and wait for your results. Minimum download speed requirements are 15Mbps (suggested minimum upload of 5Mbps). If the download speed is less than 15Mbps, please contact [email protected]
  3. This virtual Investigation Course works on any internet browser, e.g. Chrome, Safari, Edge.

Pre-Course Preparatory Tasks (c.25 mins in total) – these will be completed on the morning of the course before the actual teaching begins

  1. Watching the Kelvin TOP-SET Overview Video
  2. Logging in to the Cloud Classroom
  3. Carrying out a familiarisation task in Miro (Kelvin TOP-SET’s collaborative platform)

Full details of these (along with the Zoom meeting joining instructions) will be sent in a welcome email 48 hours prior to the course.

Please note that the Pre-Course Preparatory Tasks are essential to an optimal user experience for all delegates and are therefore mandatory. They are part of the course necessary for learning and will be completed as a first set task.

Duration (in days)


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Kelvin TOP-SET Cloud Classroom Incident Investigation Course (2-Days), 02 Mar 2021 (08:30h – 17:30h)

Kelvin TOP-SET Cloud Classroom Incident Investigation Course (2-Days), 03 Mar 2021 (08:30h – 17:00h)

Kelvin TOP-SET Cloud Classroom Incident Investigation Course (2-Days), 05 May 2021 (08:30h – 17:30h)

Kelvin TOP-SET Cloud Classroom Incident Investigation Course (2-Days), 06 May 2021 (08:30h – 17:00h)

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Cloud Classroom - UK/Europe 02 – 03 Mar 2021 08:30h – 17:00h 1,250.00 GBP Registration Closes
Feb 23, 2021 8:30AM

Cloud Classroom - UK/Europe

02 – 03 Mar 2021

08:30h – 17:00h

1,250.00 GBP exc. VAT


3 Places Available!
3 Places Available!
Cloud Classroom - UK/Europe 05 – 06 May 2021 08:30h – 17:00h 1,250.00 GBP Registration Closes
Apr 28, 2021 9:30AM

Cloud Classroom - UK/Europe

05 – 06 May 2021

08:30h – 17:00h

1,250.00 GBP exc. VAT


6 Places Available!
6 Places Available!
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Kelvin TOP-SET Cloud Classroom Technology

  • Remote learning using world-leading technology – The Kelvin TOP-SET Cloud Classroom environment ensures an optimal digital learning experience
  • Active case studies & tasks where delegates are divided into investigation teams (which mirrors ‘real-life’ scenarios)
  • One highly experienced TOP-SET Tutor to 6 participants (lots of individual coaching time)
  • Regular course dates to fit with work schedules
  • End-of-course knowledge/understanding test

Highly Practical Virtual Environment

Delegates undertake a range of online, practical exercises and interactive case-study work to reinforce the learning points. Active participation is encouraged throughout the course to give participants the chance to share experiences and interact with each other and the Kelvin TOP-SET Tutor.

Continuous assessment with feedback is included in the course, along with homework exercises to maximise the learning experience and to ensure mastery of the process.


The TOP-SET Indicators

Participants are also given free 30-day access to a follow-up e-RCA course to further practise and embed the learning of this essential skill for carrying out investigations. Note this must be completed to receive the course certificate, it is part of the course.

Learning Outcomes Include:

  • understand and appreciate the value of the TOP-SET process
  • know how to write an effective Incident Statement
  • be able to plan an investigation
  • know how to conduct an effective interview
  • use the TOP-SET Indicators to collect data/evidence
  • be able to build a TOP-SET Storyboard with timelines
  • improve co-operation and teamwork
  • be able to carry out comprehensive Root Cause Analyses
  • be able to make impactful SMART actions and recommendations

Extensive online interaction

Online Resources for Delegates


Available as Downloads


Easy-to-navigate Cloud Classroom

The Kelvin TOP-SET App

In addition to receiving a Kelvin TOP-SET Incident Investigation (CC) Certificate on successful course completion, each participant will be given the latest TOP-SET interactive app which:

  • is a valuable and practical tool that outlines the TOP-SET process
  • provides helpful reminders to improve investigation quality
  • promotes consistency of approach
  • works on all operating systems

TOP-SET Investigation App