Seadrill’s TOP-SET Training Experience

Nick Bourdoumis, Director of QHSE for Seadrill Americas shares his organisation’s experiences of the Kelvin TOP-SET system and the results that the company has seen to date.

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How would you sum up your experience so far with Kelvin TOP-SET training?

Excellent! We have roughly 80% of our Region trained and have seen a great improvement and quality of the incident investigations from our offshore teams.

How have you integrated TOP-SET into the organisation?

TOP-SET is part of our core incident investigation procedure from Corporate to each region. We are currently in the process of integrating the Investigator 3 software application into our Synergi action and incident program.

How has TOP-SET been received?

Very good, our first class was done with all of our senior management in the region and also on the corporate level.

What tangible results have you seen?

Increased awareness on actions from incidents. The TOP-SET process is a better and more precise method of incident investigation than our previous method was. We have now standardised the incident investigation process across the fleet.

What are your thoughts on how effective incident investigation may be able to help companies achieve their aims and objectives?

It has allowed us to better examine and eliminate HIPOS by having a standard method. It also let us produce a standard investigation / format for clients that is accepted internationally.

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