Working at Height and Assessment of Risk – A Simple Example

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Throughout our thirty years of investigation, falling objects and incidents caused by people working at height have been a recurring theme in our investigation of incidents. This enforces the importance across all industries, of making sure that all employees are aware of the dangers of working at height , and especially of the hazards of walking under those working at height or walking under unsupported loads.

On a recent visit in Perth, Scotland, to buy a new kitchen sink at B&Q (similar to Home Depot in the USA), Kelvin TOP-SET Managing Director, David Ramsay had a noteworthy experience which he shares below:

 “When we asked for assistance with purchasing the sink, it was refreshing to see Dale, a member of the floor staff, make an excellent risk assessment and subsequent safety performance.

The sink that we wanted was stored high on a rack. 

Dale, first asked us to wait while he went for a set of four-wheeled ‘aircraft steps’. 

When he returned he came with a colleague to assist, but on further assessment decided that it still didn’t look like a safe operation. 

The two colleagues then went to obtain a power lift truck with a platform. 

This allowed them to safely retrieve the sink that we wanted and to place it in a cart for us to take to our car. They then also offered to load it for us.

We overlook safety training and risk assessment at our peril, so it is excellent to see a genuine individual and corporate commitment to best practice. 

Well done to B&Q and their friendly staff.”