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New Kelvin TOP-SET Registration Enhances Efficiency of Energy Supply Chain

There's no getting around it: supply chain management is critical to ensuring the continuity of your business. If you're like most companies, you don't want to spend too much time focusing on solutions that aren't the most cost-effective, efficient and capable of meeting your needs.

Fortunately, now there's help available through SEQual, and one of its newly qualified suppliers, Kelvin TOP-SET.

What is SEQual?

SEQual is a not-for-profit pre-qualification service. It ensures that suppliers in the offshore energy sector are:

  • Registered
  • Dynamically assessed by a professional team
  • Qualified
  • Capable
  • Categorised for ease of selection

The SEQual portal ensures buyers can quickly select suppliers who meet specific requirements (such as Incident Investigation and Training) and buy confidently.

SEQual holds in-date copies of all relevant supplier qualifications and documentation, and buyers can search based on specific requirements, providing a one-stop supplier information and document store for SEQual Buyers.

How can Kelvin TOP-SET and SEQual improve my supply chain management and operations?

As a registered SEQual supplier, Kelvin TOP-SET has passed stringent assessment criteria, enabling all organisations to use our Incident Investigation training and services with even more confidence and assurance. SEQual buyer members can also access our profile and assessment details via the portal.

The Kelvin TOP-SET Incident Investigation and Problem-Solving System is uncomplicated, logical and practical. It gives investigators and organisations a user-friendly 'tool' to ensure quality and consistent investigations. Many world-leading organisations (in every sector) choose TOP-SET as their global standard incident investigation system.

What are the benefits of using Kelvin TOP-SET and SEQual?

SEQual Buyers can quickly and easily find qualified suppliers who meet their specific needs through the comprehensive database of SEQual Suppliers.

In addition to these time and cost savings, SEQual Buyers can have certainty of choice by knowing each supplier goes through rigorous and ongoing checks to ensure that their services and products meet the highest standards.

By leveraging this portal, Kelvin TOP-SET clients, some of which are registered SEQual Buyers, reduce the time and costs associated with sourcing and pre-qualification, while maintaining ongoing assurance of supply chain compliance.

With Kelvin TOP-SET registration, SEQual's pool of qualified suppliers has grown to include incident investigation and training at the highest level. Working with Kelvin TOP-SET, SEQual were able to extend their product code offering to introduce a new code for incident investigation services, enabling SEQual Buyers to easily identify qualified providers of this service.

Quality Assurance of TOP-SET Incident Investigation & Problem-Solving Training

If your organisation is not yet a registered buyer with SEQual and would like to enhance the efficiency of its supply chain management, start by visiting or contacting [email protected]

We all want to make sound purchasing decisions. Should incident investigation training or support be a requirement for your organisation, you can now buy with (even more) confidence from the newly qualified SEQual supplier - Kelvin TOP-SET.

Email [email protected] for more information about the range of training and services available, or call +44 (0) 1475 560 007 to speak to one of the TOP-SET Team about how we can help you achieve your goals by enhancing your company's approach to problem-solving and incident investigation.