Free Kelvin TOP-SET Incident Investigation App for iPads

We are pleased to announce the release of TOP-SET Live – the free investigation app for iPads.

TOP-SET Live is designed specifically to help incident investigators capture, store and share valuable information about all types and levels of workplace incident. The app produces a brief incident report in pdf format, which can be emailed to all relevant parties.

Key Features:

  • Plan your investigations using the TOP-SET planning card.
  • Log relevant incident details including Date, Time, Location, What Happened, Consequences of Incident, Potential Consequences of Incident, the People Involved and any Changes that may have contributed to the incident.
  • List all the contributing Changes & Failures.
  • Use the interactive whiteboards to add images, make drawings, carry out simple Root Cause Analyses.
  • Make Recommendations against each Change/Failure, which could prevent similar incidents from occurring.
  • Export / Share an automatically created Report in a standardised format via email.

This easy-to-use app lays the foundation for learning from incidents to prevent recurrence.

Search for TOP-SET Live in the Apple App Store or visit