Teaching Not Training

Educating and empowering for effectiveness; teaching not training, tutors not trainers

Kelvin TOP-SET courses are designed to teach delegates to think for themselves about how to investigate incidents using a structured process as a problem-solving framework.  Consequently, delegates are not merely “trained” to follow a closed system; they are actively encouraged to think freely to produce the best results and analysis possible.

The Kelvin TOP-SET teaching method employs an inclusive learning approach; all effective learning is a partnership between teacher and learner that specifically focuses on the needs, motivations and values of the participants.

Teaching ensures that the learner truly understands the process, whereas training more often results in a conditioned response to information that is not necessarily understood.


In teaching, the learner is always offered choices without restraints.  In comparison, training most often uses methods which ‘force’ a fixed response.

Kelvin TOP-SET courses teach a practical approach to utilising tools designed by investigators for investigators. The courses actively encourage free thinking and ensure that participants are fully empowered to use the system and tools in their workplace to quickly achieve tangible and consistent results.

Kelvin TOP-SET tutors use their own extensive experience to deliver unique courses based on the TOP-SET curriculum.  Active participation is encouraged, and delegates learn a method of incident investigation that is truly not just a box ticking exercise.  This is the reason why many delegates comment that it is the best course they have ever experienced.