Software Support and Maintenance


TOP-SET Governors offers Support & Maintenance as an option for the tools we provide. We strive to give customers maximum value: professional support, free updates and upgrades and much more. Below you will find a description of everything you will get when you purchase Support & Maintenance.

Please note that frontline support is outsourced to CGE Risk Management B.V., who have worked with TOP-SET Governors software for the past 5 years. 

Any support call that cannot be resolved by frontline support is escalated to TOP-SET Governors software engineers.

Professional, very responsive support

With all our software Support & Maintenance agreement comes free telephone support during CET office hours (9 AM – 5 PM) and e-mail support (response time < 4 hours).

Our help desk is very professional and very responsive; support calls are on average resolved within one hour!

Visual Support: We show you the answer

Our support engineers are trained in communication and have been selected for their communication skills. We prefer to show you, with screenshots and other visual aids, the answer to your question. Our software support is there to make your life easier; we can even do remote diagnosis and resolution of an issue on your pc at your request.

Not just tech support: methodological best practices

We do not have HSE experts on our helpdesk, but we do have support engineers that are very familiar with the methodological best practices and who are in regular contact with a network of risk management consultants.

TOP-SET Governors BlackBox and Investigator 3: free updates & free upgrades

All of our software is under active development and new features are released regularly. If you have a valid Support & Maintenance agreement, you get free updates and free upgrades of the version of your product.

You will be entitled to all bug fixes that have been released for the software version that you have purchased. Please note that if your software is behind a corporate firewall you may need to manually update the software via your corporate IT department.

The software support and maintenance agreement gives access to free upgrades of the version of the software purchased.

With respect to the software there are many exciting developments coming up this year.

Your feature requests take priority

By purchasing Support & Maintenance, you are supporting the development of our software. That is why your feature requests will take priority over others who have not purchased Support & Maintenance. We cannot guarantee all feature requests will make it into the software, but with a valid Support & Maintenance agreement you have a right to ask for a proper motivation.

TOP-SET Governors Support Details

Telephone + 31 (0) 88 1001 350

Fax +31 (0) 88 1001 349

Email [email protected]

TOP-SET Governors Software Terms & Conditions including the software End User Licence Agreement (EULA)