Software FAQ's

Q: What is the software for?

A: Investigator 3 is for the investigation and reporting of all types of incident e.g. industrial incident, pipeline failure, plane crash, fatality, process failure and downtime analysis.

Q: Is Investigator 3 available in languages other than English?

A: English, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Russian, Romanian, Japanese, Mexican Spanish. Others are available on request.

Q: Does Investigator 3 automatically write the investigation report for me?

A: Yes, you can also select what information is shown/not shown in the final report

Q: Do I need any other drawing packages e.g. Microsoft Visio to draw the diagrams

A: No, Investigator 3 does this for you

Q: Can I export the diagrams and / or final report?

A: Yes, Investigator 3 supports most formats e.g. Microsoft Word, rich text etc

Q: Our company has an incident tracking system, can Investigator 3 link to this?

A: Yes, Investigator 3 can link to most branded or proprietary incident tracking systems. Contact [email protected] for more information

Q: How can the software be installed?

A: It can be installed onto your desktop, laptop and/or company’s server. Click here for more information

Q: What are the minimum system requirements?

A: The system requirements can be found here

Q: Can I use Investigator 3 with a Mac?

A: Yes, for more information contact [email protected]

Q: Do I need to have attended a Kelvin TOP-SET course to be able to use Investigator 3?

A: No, but attending a course would enhance your existing investigative skills and help you use the software to better effect

Q: Can I download a trial of the software to see it operating in my work environment?

A: Yes, please click here

Q: What is the cost / pricing structure?

A: The cost of 1 user license of Investigator 3 software is £2,599.00. For multiple licenses or corporate licensing please contact [email protected]

Q: When I produce the report in my version of Investigator 3 it is watermarked with Unlicenced Evaluation. How can I rectify this?

A: to remove the watermark, you need to buy the software

Q:  I’d like to purchase Investigator 3 software but am unable to download the trial version from your website as I am not connected to the internet. Is the software available in another format?

A:  If you cannot download the software please contact Kelvin TOP-SET and we will send you a hard copy of the trial version of the software to a location of your choice. If you then decide to purchase the software we will provide an activation code to unlock the full version of the software.

Q:  Can I customise the report from Investigator 3

A: Yes, you can choose which sections to show/not show in the report. A company logo can be easily added to each page.

Q: I’ve heard that Investigator 3 can now link to Synergi, can you tell me more about this?

A: If you would like to talk to us about the new functionality or would like a short PowerPoint overview of how the two link together, please contact us at [email protected]

Q: Does Investigator 3 analyse multiple incident causes to provide statistics / trends?

A: Investigator 3 is designed to investigate one incident thoroughly. However, it can link to other incident tracking/analysis systems. Please contact [email protected]

Q: How does Investigator 3 manage investigations, the investigation team and the information gathered during investigations?

A: Investigator 3 helps users manage the investigation process by mirroring the Kelvin TOP-SET Incident Investigation System (but with more functionality). Planning issues and team members’ actions are managed in a SMART format which can be easily emailed/exported as required. This is also true for the recommendations made during the investigations. Information e.g. evidence files are easily added at appropriate places either by ‘drag and drop’ or by linking to the relevant file. This evidence / information is placed in appendices in the final report.

Q: I’m carrying out a large investigation with a huge amount of information, data and evidence but want to share the file/report with my colleagues. How large is the file size?

A: Investigator 3 compresses the information included in the investigation file so that even large scale investigation including photographs, witness statements, diagrams etc is less than 500kb. Most will be less than 100mb.