PPE for NHS Scotland Workers

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One of the main challenges NHS Scotland faces at present is the lack of effective personal protective equipment (PPE) for nurses and doctors to protect themselves from catching coronavirus while caring for those in need. 

Kelvin TOP-SET’s IT Manager, Scott Bowden and his wife Isla, have been working around the clock to produce protective masks and mask strips for local hospitals. They are working full-time from home and homeschooling their two children, but saw an opportunity to help using their home 3-D printer.

To facilitate making a greater number of protective masks and other needed materials, they created a ‘Crowdfunder’ page aiming to reach £500 through friends and family. When the Directors and Staff of Kelvin TOP-SET heard about this we were keen to support their efforts and made donations to help their cause.

For those interested, here are a few photos of what can be created using the 3D printer: 

And here’s a short video of the printer in action: 

Scott and Isla’s Crowdfunder page can be found here for anyone wishing to contribute: 


Along with the production of masks and PPE, Kelvin TOP-SET is also supporting https://www.medsupplydrive.org.uk/scotland. This website has been set up by medics to fund and source PPE for frontline NHS workers battling the COVID-19 crisis in Scotland. They are urgently appealing for PPE in Scotland to be donated directly to local healthcare facilities. If any of our clients, contacts and/or colleagues have any spare PPE they are able to donate, we know it would be gratefully received. 

We hope you and your loved ones stay well during these challenging times.