OTC – Days 3 & 4 – Observations

kelvintop-set News

Wednesday and Thursday at OTC saw more visitors flocking to OTC in Houston.

Wood McKenzie’s Predictions Regarding the Oil Price

Oil industry analysts Wood McKenzie, at a breakfast presentation for SDI, advised that oil prices may reach $64 per barrell by Q3 2017. However, they forecast no increase in rig activity, until  the price stabilises. They predict that the price of oil may reach $70 by 2020.

Update from Booth #2063

Following on from a busy start on Monday and Tuesday, Kelvin TOP-SET experienced considerable sustained interest from companies who are “modernising and streamlining their business” anticipating continued lower oil prices.  Many are looking for new ways to optimise their business performance, and increase their profitablility, by eliminating the amount of incidents in the workplace. Kelvin TOP-SET is well placed to assist.

General Observations

Exhibitors at OTC 2016, although seeing some increase in visitor activity over Tuesday and Wednesday, were generally in agreement, that the level of business interest was down, compared to 2015 due to a continued squeeze on budgets resulting from lower oil prices.

It will be interesting to see what OTC 2017 brings!