Kelvin TOP-SET Update

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It is said that the phrase “may you live in interesting times” is a curse originating in China. We are most certainly living in ‘interesting’ and uncertain times; but we are also more ‘open to the creative energy of all than any other time in history’. {Robert Kennedy}

We at TOP-SET have accomplished more in new product development, new service offerings and new ways of team working/collaboration in the last 6 weeks than we could have ever dreamed. What’s more, the response from clients, prospective clients and the ‘market’ as a whole has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging.

Take a look at what is now available (click on the links for more info):

The Kelvin TOP-SET App – a highly acclaimed interactive incident investigation app to support investigators carrying out investigations.

The Kelvin TOP-SET Cloud Classroom Introductory Investigator Course – a Tutor-led, online incident investigation course (1-Day) teaching the fundamentals of the incident investigation process.

Remote Investigations – Kelvin TOP-SET now offers the service to investigate all types of incident remotely.

e-RCA with enhanced management functionality – as the demand for remote/online learning increases, so too does the requirement for increased management control/oversight. This 4-hour online course teaches the fundamentals of carrying out root cause analysis.

Fortunately, prior to lockdown, investment was also made to install a state-of-the-art telephone system where all our teams can make, take and transfer calls to other departments regardless of their physical location. Furthermore, our decision to outsource the production, collation and distribution of physical course materials at the end of last year has enabled a more streamlined and cost-effective approach to managing demand for these.

Our team, that ranges from Houston to New Zealand benefited from being able to communicate in real-time with our clients (and each other) using Microsoft Teams and though this wasn’t without a few technical hiccups at the start, we believe there isn’t much else we could have put in place to ensure the levels of service clients have come to expect from Kelvin TOP-SET was not disrupted.

Thankfully, as countries ease restrictions, our face-to-face Incident Investigation Courses can proceed (with all necessary precautions in place) alongside these new developments and as we move from Q3 to Q4 we are confident that Kelvin TOP-SET as a world-leading Incident Investigation company will come out stronger and more agile because of this. And, please do stay tuned as we have harnessed this momentum and there is more to come! As is said ‘opportunities often come disguised as problems’ and we as problem solvers have to learn to ‘dance’ with them when they arise (as they frequently do).

We hope you and yours are keeping well, and remain here for you should you need us.