David K Ramsay, President

Kelvin TOP-SET OTC 2016 Welcome

Kelvin TOP-SET welcomes you to OTC 2016

Come and visit the Incident Investigation Experts at Booth #2063

Kelvin TOP-SET is a leading authority in the field of Incident Investigation, Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis and Performance Improvement.

With an impressive background in education, course delivery, software development and consultancy services, Kelvin TOP-SET has been providing incident investigation solutions to major global clients for 30 years.

Headquartered in Scotland, with a main hub in Houston, TX and operating in over 40 countries, our team really is ready to assist you with all of your safety, incident investigation and business performance needs.

We offer:



  • Investigator 3 – For the investigation of high potential incidents. Learn More
  • Blackbox – For the investigation of minor incidents. Learn More
  • TOP-SET Live – Our cutting edge Incident Investigation App. Learn More

Investigation Services

  • Taskforce of incident investigation professionals ready to assist globally at a moments notice when required.
  • Highly experienced team capable of facilitating or leading an incident investigation and pinpointing the Root Causes of all types of incident.

By implementing TOP-SET, organizations can ensure that employees consistently find the real root causes of incidents every time by following a clear, simple, step-by-step process that is suitable for any industry. This, in turn, leads to the prevention of incidents, efficiency savings in terms of time and money and, most importantly, the protection of lives.

Investigation with TOP-SET really is simple.

Come and talk to us today – Booth #2063 – Our team are ready and waiting to assist you.

David K Ramsay, President

David K Ramsay

Karen Hatler, Technical Support Manager

Karen Hatler
Technical Support Manager

Ian Cannon, Program Manager, United States

Ian Cannon
Program Manager,
United States

Harry Cooper, Tutor

Harry Cooper