Kelvin TOP-SET Officially Open New Global Headquarters

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Kelvin TOP-SET held a champagne reception to celebrate the official opening of their new global headquarters at the Annickbank Innovation Campus in Irvine on Friday 9th October. With around 70 guests in the building, the day was a great opportunity for both celebration and networking. There was even a cake sculpted in the shape of the new office building!

Local businesses were given the opportunity to get to know Kelvin TOP-SET and to meet the local staff and the company’s Associate Tutors who jetted in for the event from around the globe.

Mr. Brian Harris made the official opening speech. Mr. Harris has close ties with Kelvin TOP-SET and North Ayrshire as he worked for many years at ICI Nobel’s Explosives Company at Ardeer, firstly as Production & Personnel Director and then as Joint Managing Director where he was awarded the IChemE’s Frank Lees medal for his contribution to Safety and Loss Prevention.

Mr. Harris explained his connection to Kelvin TOP-SET and why he was keen to officially open the new offices: 

“I’ve always found there is great value in investing in independent external expertise to assist in risk mitigation and accident investigation. In that regard, I invited Kelvin TOP-SET to assist with the development of a new manufacturing process for AirBag igniters at an ICI facility in Iowa, USA. Back in the UK, I engaged Kelvin TOP-SET to lead the development of a Safety Design programme with ICI’s Engineering subsidiary, Eutech. Later, when I was Engineering Director with BNFL, I asked Kelvin TOP-SET to assist in some critical front-end engineering challenges. 

I mention these not because of the specific issues we faced but to illuminate one of the success characteristics of Kelvin TOP-SET – their flexibility and adaptability to apply proven processes to a range of differing challenges around the globe.”

Group Managing Director, David Ramsay then presented a short history of the company: 

“With an impressive background in education, course delivery, software development and consultancy services, the company has been providing incident investigation solutions to major global clients for almost 30 years and hopes to expand further from their new headquarters in Irvine.”

Lunch was served for all guests at the nearby Irvine Hallmark Hotel.

In the afternoon, a series of interactive workshops were provided free of charge to a select number of local business representatives to give a flavour of the range of incident investigation and Root Cause Analysis courses, products, services and software that Kelvin TOP-SET can currently provide. These included: 
An introduction to the TOP-SET methodology – The Kelvin TOP-SET system is a straightforward and user-friendly incident investigation system which is scalable for all levels and types of incidents – from minor, non-lost-time incidents such as slips, trips and falls to major catastrophic incidents such as oil spills and explosions.

The chance to try out the e-RCA online Root Cause Analysis e-learning course – Root Cause Analysis is probably one of the most misunderstood terms in global industry. Kelvin TOP-SET launched its online e-RCA course to try to address this problem. The course can be completed online and is suitable for anyone who wishes to gain a better grasp of the fundamentals of good Root Cause Analysis.

An overview of Investigator 3 software – Investigator 3 truly is the ultimate tool for the efficient and effective investigation of medium to high potential incidents. Investigator 3 is the only software tool to combine the three best practice incident investigation and analysis methods; the Kelvin TOP-SET incident investigation methodology, the Tripod Beta incident analysis methodology and the Root Cause Analysis (RCA or RCFA) method. Investigator 3 guides users through each stage of the investigation process and helps the user to unearth, document and share the real root causes of an incident.

A demonstration of the newly launched TOP-SET Live App – the world’s first incident investigation App. – TOP-SET Live enables investigation teams to collaborate from multiple locations. Details, images, live sketches, audio and video can be shared in ‘real time’ from remote locations both on and offshore.

The workshops were well received by all and the day was a resounding success.

The Kelvin TOP-SET Directors – Brian McConnell, CEO, 
Lorna Ramsay, Director of Operations, David Ramsay, Group Managing Director