Kelvin TOP-SET in Brazil

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Boston-based Tutor Ian Cannon recently completed an assignment in Rio de Janeiro, leading three day Senior Investigators courses for an offshore drilling contractor.  The customer sought best value for Cannon’s travel, so they organized three courses in-a-row, for nine consecutive days of learning.

Each Senior Investigator course group numbered around 12, and comprised of a mix of shore, and offshore-based employees. “It was refreshing to see delegates from shore functions, such as Information Technology, in the program, as they bring a unique, non-rig perspective to investigations”, noted Cannon. Delegates also represented; Rig Managers, Offshore Installation Managers (OIM), rig Safety Representatives, Mechanical and Electrical managers, Chief Engineers, and Technical and Mechanical Section Leaders.

The delegates were multi-lingual, with skills in English, Spanish, and Russian, in addition to Brazilian Portuguese. “The groups were very eager to learn, gave their full attention, and embraced participating in the hands-on exercises”, said Cannon.

The teaching trip’s timing was just after the 2016 Olympics, when the Paralympics were still underway. The downtown Rio area was very full of locals and tourists from around the globe. “It was good to get out on occasion and take in the sights. There were live music events ranging from pop to native music. The Brazilian people were glad to give a smile, and patient with my communication. Music must be in the blood in Rio, I saw babies dancing in their carriages!”

At the end of each program, delegates’ feedback suggested they had gained practical knowledge, and valued the course.