Kelvin TOP-SET 5-Day Corporate Adoption Programme

The ultimate introduction to the Kelvin TOP-SET methodology; designed to educate a core team of individuals to fully utilise the TOP-SET process and tools efficiently and effectively and to monitor investigation output.

The 5-Day programme clarifies incident investigation roles and responsibilities for managers and provides introduction to the TOP-SET process at the appropriate level for team members and team leaders. This holistic approach ensures adoption of the system throughout an organisation, which, in turn, leads to increased competence of investigators and marked improvement in Root Cause Analysis, investigation findings and reporting.

By the end of the course, managers should expect to be able to create an effective investigation procedure within their company, be fully aware of the roles and responsibilities of a case-owner manager, be familiar with the TOP-SET investigation process, be able to review reports more effectively and to perform a critical analysis of a TOP-SET Root Cause Analysis diagram. Team members will be fully introduced to the TOP-SET incident investigation process and will learn how to run and participate in the investigation efficiently, develop storyboards, conduct sound Root Cause Analysis and create SMART actions to prevent the recurrence of incidents.

What our clients are saying about the course:

"I have received only positive feedback from participants, including the Leadership Team regarding your comprehensive training courses, useful materials, case studies and great facilitation by TOP-SET tutors. Specifically I would like to highlight the value of the 1-Day Managers' Course which clarified roles and responsibilities for our managers, refreshed basic knowledge in TOP-SET investigation and gave us a clear understanding of what we need to focus on when reviewing investigation results and in choosing the right investigation team." - Head of HSE, Maersk Oil, Kazakhstan

5-Day Kelvin TOP-SET Corporate Adoption Programme - Course Details

This 5-Day programme is run on an in-house basis only as it contains bespoke elements created specifically for each individual client organisation.

Duration:  5 days (comprising 1 x 1-Day Investigator Course, 1 x 3-Day Senior Investigator Course, 1 x 1-Day Managers' Course)

Number of Participants recommended for each part of the programme:

  • 1-Day Investigator Course - Minimum: 10, Maximum: 18
  • 3-Day Senior Investigator Course - Minimum: 10, Maximum: 18
  • 1-Day Managers Course – Minimum: 1, Maximum: 10

Objective:  To equip a company with a core team of trained individuals, from Board level through case-owner managers to the team leaders and team members, capable of running a comprehensive and standardised investigation process for all company incidents, minor to major.

Description:   The course comprises three parts, with three different groups of individuals attending each part.

1.  The Kelvin TOP-SET 1-Day Investigator Course for team members.
2.  The Kelvin TOP-SET 3-Day Senior Investigator Course for team leaders (with feedback.)
3.  A bespoke 1-day Managers Course for senior case-owner managers.

Please note:

It is recommended that the managers responsible for Health & Safety attend both the 3-Day Senior Investigators Course and the 1-Day Managers' course.

As part of this series of courses, the company managers will be provided with feedback on the performance of the 3-Day Senior Investigator participants, based on a rigorous continuous assessment program which runs throughout the 3-Day Senior Investigators course.  This feedback will enable managers to select the best leaders for their investigation teams.

For further information and pricing on this programme or any element of the content, please contact us [email protected]