Investigation Policy Writing Service

Do you find it difficult to follow your organisation’s incident investigation procedures and policies?

One of the many challenges workers face is ensuring that they follow the correct work procedures and policies whilst carrying out activities relating to incident investigation. If your company’s investigation policies are outdated, the procedures documented are ineffective or your internal incident investigation policy does not fit with the actual tools and systems available for use to investigators, you will encounter problems.  Employees will either attempt to follow the outdated policy and procedures and so will produce inadequate investigation reports, or they may deviate from procedures and use an alternative method or system for investigation to try to meet various key performance indicators.


To help to solve this problem and to optimise incident investigation policies and procedures, Kelvin TOP-SET offers an Incident Investigation Policy Writing Service. Experienced TOP-SET investigators (many of whom have real life experience at Senior Management/Board level) will work with the relevant people within your organisation to review all existing incident investigation procedural documentation to create one easy to understand, useable investigation policy. This will meet organisational objectives and will reference the actual tools/systems available for use within the company.

By creating an accessible incident investigation policy, organisations can quickly empower employees to carry out investigations efficiently, confident in the knowledge that each step adheres to procedures and allows for use of the fit-for-purpose tools/systems available and documented in the policy.

The Investigation Policy produced in conjunction with company individuals will reference items such as:

  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • Management Responsibilities
  • Employee Responsibilities
  • Skills and Techniques
  • Level of investigation required linked to severity
  • Preserving Evidence
  • Conducting the Investigation
  • Investigation Process
  • Making Recommendations and Reporting
  • Communication of learning

By working with an experienced policy/procedure developer, you will save time and money and most importantly you will create an internal incident investigation procedure that employees will be able to refer to in order to achieve organisational objectives.

Once the policy has been developed / enhanced, Kelvin TOP-SET professionals can work with you to present it in any format required by your organisation e.g. a workflow or PDF document.

A robust incident investigation policy and set of procedures really will make a difference to the quality of your organisation’s incident investigations and reporting. Contact us.