E-Learning for Tutor Development

Now that you have attended the Kelvin TOP-SET Tutor Development Course, we invite you to consolidate your learning by completing the Kelvin TOP-SET e-RCA course.

With over 30 years’ experience of teaching incident investigation and of investigating at all levels for multinational companies, Kelvin TOP-SET recognises that, for many people, getting to the real root causes of incidents poses a challenge. With this in mind, Kelvin TOP-SET now offers the e-RCA course, a short online Root Cause Analysis course.

This course will help you to practice and perfect RCA thinking whilst enhancing your problem solving skills. The course can be completed online in approximately 4 hours. It is suitable for anyone who may be involved in incident investigation and for those who simply wish to gain a better grasp of the fundamentals of good RCA.

Participants are awarded the Kelvin TOP-SET e-RCA Root Cause Analysis certificate on successful completion of the course.

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e-RCA – Root Cause Analysis Course: Course Description

·       Teaches the fundamentals of good Root Cause Analysis

·       Is highly interactive, straightforward and without industry jargon

·       Can be accessed on most devices

·       Compliments, enhances and consolidates existing RCA knowledge

·       Acts as an excellent foundation for new incident investigators

·       Helps even experienced investigators clarify the steps needed to get to the real root cause(s)

·       Has several animated case-studies with interactive exercises and knowledge and understanding tests

·       Provides a great opportunity to practise and perfect RCA thinking and this vital skill, fundamental to completing       an effective investigation

·       Can easily be deployed across multiple devices; managers can be provided with reports on the progress of their employees

·       Is an effective learning tool to increase confidence and competence in Root Cause Analysis


Certification: Kelvin TOP-SET e-RCA Root Cause Analysis Certificate on successful completion of the course.

Corporate Licences: Corporate licencing options and a SCORM compliant version are available. Please contact [email protected] for further information.