Tutor Development Course Brochure

Kelvin TOP-SET Tutor Development Course

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Organizations need one standardized approach to investigating incidents and solving problems in order to consistently and accurately analyze and trend company-wide issues. To have full control of how and when incident investigation, problem solving and root cause analysis training takes place, fits in with organizational planning. It is also the most cost-effective means to develop the number of individuals required. …

3-Day Senior Investigator Course Brochure

Kelvin TOP-SET 3-Day Senior Investigator Course

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When major incidents happen, organizations need Lead Investigators who have an array of well-honed skills to quickly and effectively navigate complex incident investigations and prevent recurrence. The 3-Day Senior Investigator Course teaches individuals how to use the Kelvin TOP-SET Incident Investigation System to investigate all types / levels of incidents, take ownership of the investigation and manage the various challenging …

1-Day Investigator Course Brochure

Kelvin TOP-SET 1-Day Investigator Course

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Delegates learn to utilise the Kelvin TOP-SET Incident Investigation System to efficiently and effectively investigate incidents to solve problems and improve organisational performance. This qualification is an entry-level course for anyone who carries out investigations within their organisation and/or who may be part of a larger investigation team. Kelvin TOP-SET instructors use their extensive, ‘real-world’ investigation experience to teach the …

Smart Simplicity

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You may have noticed that one of TOP-SET’s straplines is ‘Simply Consistent’. This is not to say that the TOP-SET investigation system is simple (often a term connoting negativity). Nor is it to say that it is so complicated that only a few will understand and be able to do it. It is used because, as Leonardo DaVinci said, “simplicity …

Getting it Right When Things Go Wrong

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For the vast majority of time, companies and organisations work well without incident. However, we are tested when a real emergency occurs and we are suddenly dealing with the unexpected. The emergency services deal brilliantly with such things all of the time. For the rest of us, we can suddenly be faced with a crisis, and although we may have …

Investigation Tool – The Storyboard

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We at Kelvin TOP-SET make use of a Storyboard system for recording the progress of our investigations prior to completing a root cause analysis. The idea is not unique. Storyboarding is primarily used in the Film Industry, where animations and film clips are planned out in advance. We certainly advocate the concept of Storyboarding for planning, but we take the …

There is nothing permanent except change.

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Whenever there is an incident, whenever something happens that you do not want to happen, you must ask yourself the question, ‘What has changed’, because if nothing is different from pre-incident, it could not have happened. Right? I was forcibly reminded of that yet again today. I lost my wallet. I am always losing things.  Why? Because I live a …

How to Standardise Investigations

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It’s our business to provide companies with a standardised and structured investigative process. Consequently, we are often asked, “what are the key features to consider?”. Here is a synopsis, which might help you focus your thoughts. Much of what follows depends on the size of your company, but we hope the suggestions stimulate some debate. 1.          Have you considered setting …