Choosing between in-person and online incident investigation training courses


Choosing Between In-Person and Online Incident Investigation Training Courses

As an experienced provider of incident / accident investigation training, we often receive enquiries from individuals and organisations about which approach is best for their training needs: in-person or online. The decision largely depends on various factors, including your role, organisation size, budget, location, and personal preference. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of both in-person and online incident investigation training courses, helping you make an informed choice for the best outcome.

The Practical Nature of Incident Investigation

Investigation is ‘hands-on’. TOP-SET training was originally devised to be delivered in a face-to-face setting to optimise delegate learning opportunities. In fact, both the 3-Day Senior Investigator and Train-the-Trainer Courses are still delivered in-person only, ensuring the quality control of these gold standard TOP-SET training courses. They also contain advanced investigation elements more suited to in-person interaction.

However, as the world has moved further into the digital arena, and travel is not always possible or practical, the TOP-SET Cloud Classroom online incident investigation training provides a necessary and convenient opportunity for more people to learn how to investigate incidents.

The Benefits of In-Person Incident Investigation Training

At Kelvin TOP-SET, we offer a wide selection of in-person incident investigation training courses on an open basis globally, as well as in-company courses on request. In-person training provides unique advantages that may appeal to certain individuals and organisations.

Hands-on Learning

For those who prefer a more tactile and immersive learning experience, in-person incident investigation training courses can be particularly beneficial. During our courses, we utilise physical TOP-SET charts and stickies for investigation exercises, allowing participants to engage with the material in a tangible way.

In-person training also facilitates easier communication, as individuals may feel more comfortable asking questions and joining discussions in a face-to-face setting. Furthermore, our experienced trainers can better read body language and nonverbal cues during in-person sessions, enabling them to identify when participants may be struggling or unsure, and provide additional support as needed.

In-person courses are more experiential. If you are required to train managers or leaders of investigation teams, this is a crucial aspect of learning how to conduct ‘real-life’ investigations. Indeed, the only way to become a Senior Investigator and/or a TOP-SET Trainer is to successfully attend the relevant in-person course(s).

Relationship Building

Learning in these courses is interactive and collaborative, as teamwork is encouraged as an important element of incident investigation.

For organisations that prefer in-company training to having individuals attend an open course, it can foster stronger relationships among colleagues. Working together in a shared physical space allows team members to collaborate more effectively and build stronger bonds, which can contribute to enhanced teamwork and productivity in future investigations. This also ensures one consistent approach is adopted by those carrying out investigations.

No Internet Required

Learning in these courses is interactive and collaborative, as teamwork is encouraged as an important element of incident investigation.

In-person incident investigation training courses are is an excellent option for those who may have limited or unreliable internet access, or for individuals who prefer not to rely on technology during their learning experience.

The Benefits of Incident Investigation Training Online

Our online incident investigation training courses are delivered through the TOP-SET Cloud-Classroom environment, providing a convenient alternative to in-person training, with unique benefits.


One of the primary advantages of online training is flexibility. Participants can attend the training sessions from anywhere in the world with good internet access, eliminating the need for travel and often making it easier to accommodate various work schedules.

Cost Effective

Incident investigation training online can be more cost effective than in-person incident / accident training, especially if you have several employees with the same training requirement. By eliminating travel expenses, accommodation costs, and potential downtime, organisations can save significant resources while still providing high-quality training to their employees. This is particularly useful for those needing an introduction to incident investigation or members of an investigation team.

Convenient for Remote Teams

The TOP-SET Cloud-Classroom environment replicates the in-person experience, making it an ideal solution for remote teams or organisations with employees spread across multiple locations or countries. Participants can engage in interactive sessions, engaging case studies, ask questions, and collaborate with their colleagues, regardless of their physical location.

TOP-SET Can Help

The decision between choosing in-person or online incident investigation training courses depends on your specific training needs, strategies, budget, preferences, and circumstances, but there is always a solution.

In-person training may be more suitable for those who prefer hands-on learning, value face-to-face interaction, or require team-building opportunities. Furthermore, it is a requirement for those wanting to become a Senior Investigator and /or an in-company TOP-SET Trainer.

Alternatively, online training via the Cloud Classroom offers flexibility and accessibility for remote teams, or individuals with limited travel capabilities, who are looking to become an investigation-team member or simply gain an introduction to incident investigation and the TOP-SET method.

If you’re unsure about which approach is best for you or your organisation, we encourage you to get in touch with Kelvin TOP-SET. Our knowledgeable team can provide personalised guidance and recommendations to ensure you receive the most effective incident investigation training course tailored to your unique requirements.

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